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Swimming Towards 1.0

Originally, I wanted to launch MerFight into version 1.0 by May of 2023;  however, this is not going to happen.  I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but I also learned a few things as to why this happened.  With that being said, here is a list of what else needs to be accomplished so that I feel I can enter 1.0 for MerFight: Finish Story Mode Content I feel I could release 1.0 with some characters' story modes incomplete, but I'd rather not.  That being said, there are a lot of unlockables I have to make to finish said story mode.  The more time-consuming task will be animating the facial expression for story mode's lines. AI There's no point to story mode or any single player content mode if the AI opponents aren't good.  I'm not looking for expert-level learning, but something a bit better and something that makes the difficulty levels feel like they actually matter would help. Main Menu A smaller task, but I want to make the main menu a bit less cluttered.