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MerFight @ MagFest

  Early this year, I had the opportunity to showcase MerFight at MagFest (Music and Games Festival) as part of the MagFest Indie Videogames Showcase (MIVS.)  MagFest is a very fun event, and being able to show the game off was a great experience.  The last time I had been to MagFest was 6 years ago to show off my other fighting game, Battle High 2 A+.  I wanted to write a few things about my experience as I had a lot of anxiety going into it originally, and had I written good notes when I did it 6 years ago, I probably wouldn't have been so stressed. Submission & Preparation Before getting to the actual show, I had to submit MerFight for approval.  This was a relatively smooth process, requiring a playable build as well as some screenshots and video, many of which I had since MerFight has been in early access for about 9 months at this point. I think the only thing that stuck out from my submission was some of the judge's feedback.  One comment particularly pointed out that

Back With The Blog

Due to the fragile and messy state of social media and with some influence from this -- -- I decided to start a blog once more -- sort of.  I wrote a few posts on my current website -- -- which I want to redesign anyway, but editing pure html for blog posts is cumbersome, so I'm back to blogger...or blogspot...or google?  Whatever this is.  Well technically it's now, but you know what I mean. So with that being said, this first post is essentially going to go over where I'm at with my game development career, the goal of this blog and more. Social Media Everywhere There are a lot of social media platforms now, probably too many.  After Twitter's recent acquisition, it really felt like it was going to go the way of the dodo, and a ton of new sites were popping up -- cohost, hive, a re